Our Microbiome

Debbie’s journey towards a healthier gut started in January 2018 following an introduction by a friend to the Synergy 21 day Purify Programme. In less than a week she noticed the difference – more energy and motivation, better digestion, and an overall feeling of well-being.

As a reflexologist she wanted to share her discovery with her clients, many of whom are managing issues with digestion, energy levels, blood pressure, poor immune systems and other issues related to gut microbiome health. With resounding positive feedback she became a distributor of Synergy products and instructed us to build a dedicated web site to highlight and sell these life improving supplements.

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Ollie is fabulous to work with. He is creative, clever and flexible. He translated my vision perfectly then added a dash of his own – much better – ideas so that my website ended up something I am so very proud of. He is quick, reliable and doesn’t charge a fortune. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Debbie Sayer

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