Vitality Health & Fitness

Vitality Health & Fitness train all sorts of people who probably would never normally go to a gym.

Vitality spend a lot of time with clients, understanding what it is they want to achieve, setting some realistic goals and then planning a fitness programme and healthy eating plan which they can incorporate into their busy schedules and make some positive lifestyle changes.

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Ollie [Otis Creative] has been a pleasure to work with. I had an idea of what I wanted as a website, but needed help to visualise it.  Ollie met with me, listened carefully to what I was looking for, and quickly created drafts for us to discuss and progress the design.  It was a very collaborative effort which included advice on the site structure and recommendations on content.  Ollie has brought in other experts as needed, for example, SEO strategists and a logo brand designer. My website gets very positive feedback and is a key part of my business, particularly for its design and professional appearance.  In terms of value, it did not take long for me to get a return on my website investment. Thanks Otis Creative! 

Helena Shirley

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